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Pro-Tec Pest Management is the official pest company of the entire Richmond Heights, MO. area. We're the #1 independent Pest Control, Prevention, and Elimination Services for both commercial and residential customers in Richmond Heights, MO. and surrounding cities. 

Pro-Tec Pest Management has built a reputation for excellence in the Pest Control, Prevention, and Elimination Services industry by providing a full range of pest and termite services.  Now with our highly trained team of professionals and the best pest control solutions in Richmond Heights, MO.Pro-Tec Pest Management is ready to serve you.
When it comes to pests we at Pro-Tec Pest Management know that the general treatment is to treat the baseboards areas, garage area as well as the foundation of the home. The products we use covers many pests Crickets, Bugs, Silverfish , Roaches, Spiders, Fleas, Termites, Ants, and many more pests inside the home, just to list a few. 
Our Professional's are trained to  provide you with the top notch Pest Control, Prevention, and Elimination Services. Here at Pro-Tec Pest Management we specialize in high-quality pest control services that can be customized according to your unique needs. We understand that each pest problem is unique, that’s why we offer the best pest solutions that will cater to all your bug control and prevention needs. Call today to get FREE estimates..


Pro-Tec Services

  • Rodent Control - Rodents spread disease and can transmit serious health issues.  We'll stop them in their tracks.
  • Mole Control - Offering you a safe and convenient way to control the moles in your yard to minimize mounds.
  • Termite Control - Homeowners trust Pro-Tec Pest Management to provide an honest termite inspection, as well as effective options for termite control and elimination.
  • Year Round Protection - Pro-Tec Pest Management will provide ongoing protection for your business and guests from unwanted pests all year round.

At Pro-Tec Pest Managment, we’re experts at solving pest problems for Hotels, Motels, and Inn's.  Our advanced formulas and methods are designed to target and eliminate specific types of pests, which means we will ensure that your food facility stays pest free.

Environmentally balanced solution for all pest concerns. We are Kirkwoods' Best Exterminator!

Remember, call a Pest Control Pest Control company in Chesterfield, Missouri that understands your desire for results driven pest control at an affordable price. That’s Pro-Tec Pest Management Company.

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What Pro-Tec Customer's Are Saying

  • "I took over the ownership of a small cafe in St. Louis about 4 months ago. Everything was going good until one evening I was closing and saw a mouse running behind the trash area. I immediately called Pro-Tec Pest Management, which was recommended by one of my other closing team members. Of course, it was after hours so I left a message. They returned my call first thing the next morning. They sent an exterminator out the same day, the technician, was so nice and respectful. He did an EXTENSIVE search, searching for any holes mice could enter, and found a small hidden one behind the trash area. He filled the hole up and made sure there were no other access holes for them to come back. Besides doing a great job, the price was VERY REASONABLE for the work they did. I had used anther company in the past at one of my properties a few years back, and I paid less this time then I did then. They did a great job, and I highly recommend."
    Nathaniel James W.
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