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Eliminate rodents from your business and home


Rodents carry a vast amount of diseases and health problems and they quite often pass those to humans. Rodents are currently one of the quickest growing pest classifications.  Along with the dangers they cause to humans, wild rodent populations cause a significant amount of damage to structures, such as homes and buildings as well as cause damage to our agriculture. At Pro-Tec Pest Management, we will throughly inspect your home to make it rodent-proof and suggest anything additional to help you maintain a lifestyle without these pests.

Facts About Rodents

  • Mice alone contaminate 10 times the amount of food they actually consume.
  • Rodents often carry diseases and transmit them to humans. Rodents also cause damage to structures, create havoc at your business, and can destroy yur home and lawn.
  • Rabies is one disease carried by many rodents and can cause life threatenig illness in humans..


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What Pro-Tec Customer's Are Saying

  • "I took over the ownership of a small cafe in St. Louis about 4 months ago. Everything was going good until one evening I was closing and saw a mouse running behind the trash area. I immediately called Pro-Tec Pest Management, which was recommended by one of my other closing team members. Of course, it was after hours so I left a message. They returned my call first thing the next morning. They sent an exterminator out the same day, the technician, was so nice and respectful. He did an EXTENSIVE search, searching for any holes mice could enter, and found a small hidden one behind the trash area. He filled the hole up and made sure there were no other access holes for them to come back. Besides doing a great job, the price was VERY REASONABLE for the work they did. I had used anther company in the past at one of my properties a few years back, and I paid less this time then I did then. They did a great job, and I highly recommend."
    Nathaniel James W.
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